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Germany has never lacked for excellent firearms technicians, shipyard external reason such a Italians, with uncle's recommendation has a great relationship, the story behind this idea is quite romantic: Italian boy returned from the United States Replica Prada Handbags Outlet UK|US Study Tour in cruise ship the encounter beautiful German girl, they fall in love at first sight, the wedding was held under the auspices of onboard pastor. To keep the beloved girl to endure the pain of homesickness, the boys still came to a strange country, with the firm's New Year and diligent attitude has won the Lao Zhangren recognition and help him find a suitable job. Of course, this kid is also a non-generation punks, he comes from the most prestigious Italian military-industrial complex, "Beretta" family, a family history of the production and operation of firearms can be traced back to the 16th Prada Replica Handbags century, but it is almost just Prada Replica Handbags the birth of the era of gun powder . This is not only small head cauliflower learn gunsmithing skills, also have visited Britain and other countries traveled to understand the development of the national firearms technology, learn useful experience and skills, just look at the resume should be a motivated both have excellent skills of the youth.

The real value of the daughter of talent, but if it is good enough just south Prada Replica Handbags Guo, thanks to investment in Vietnam was greater. Natsuki did not rush to a conclusion, he asked: "? You should be able to speak English Bar"

"Of course!" Cauliflower head entrepot say "gutter" Natsuki's ears suddenly Prada Replica Handbags uncomfortable a lot, but Christian and Louise are also able to speak fluent English, so conversation is no longer just the obstacles.

"How the results of weapons testing?" Prada Replica Handbags Summer tree straight.

Cauliflower head and bring them into shooting range

On the combination of those materials covered with bullet buy prada replica handbags holes and craters, said:. "Against the enemy PT boats and ordinary vessels, Maxim machine gun power is enough, I can try to Army equipment Maxim machine gun made ??some improvement, with running water circulation Prada Replica Handbags cooling catheter, such cooling sleeve size and weight can reduce a lot, will have detrimental deformation Prada Replica Handbags of the canvas for the bomb bomb was soaked with water, with a metal hinge replacement can solve this problem. If it is to deal with larger some of the goals, especially Prada Replica Handbags those with thin armor protection, Gatling Gatling gun effect should be better, or we can try to use a larger caliber Gatling gun, so even for personnel and equipment on large ships constitute an effective threat. "

This period, the Frenchman has Prada Replica Handbags been used in their Hotchkiss machine guns on a metal hinge for bombs, though it costs a lot higher than the canvas, but it can solve the problems caused by damp canvas, running water cooling loop sounds are also a good idea. prada replica handbags outlet Natsuki looked quietly to him about it, slowly said: "We installed the firing of weapons on speedboats intention is to deal with the same equipment speedboats enemies, but the real case, it may be more Prada Replica Handbags use to strafe enemy warships of non-combat zone Prada Replica Handbags of protection, such as rapid-fire guns of the battleship or cruiser broadside, authorities gunfight bit to weaken the enemy's fire, cover one's own subsequent torpedo boats, but also reduce the pressure for their withdrawal. "

Cauliflower head and thought, speech overstating once:. "In that case, I strongly recommend the use of one Prada Replica Handbags inch diameter tube six Gatling gun."

"But this Gatling gun weight too, is likely to affect the balance Prada Replica Handbags of the boat and sprint ability." Natsuki put forward their own concerns.

Turning these professional technical problems, cauliflower Prada Replica Handbags head no one else to start walking to place his hands caress each other sometimes, sometimes behind his back, shake 56 minutes in the prince and princess as well as adults Yuezhang curious eyes, suddenly walked back cheap prada replica handbags online Natsuki front: "Your Highness knows Danes developed Madsen machine gun, right?"

Madsen machine gun is Prada Replica Handbags the Prada Replica Handbags world's first mass-produced practical light machine guns, 1902 setting production, Prada Replica Handbags and its excellent Prada Replica Handbags performance to win the favor of a number of European countries, as its first users, Russia has troops at this time its use in the Russo-Japanese war.